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There are the 5 most common defects found in five years of vehicle use.

The first is damage to the emissions control system or exhaust gas control system. The main task of this system is to limit the discharge of toxic gases such as NOx or nitrogen oxides.
The second malfunction is the malfunction of the navigation system. Although this damage does not cause the risk of an accident, it is still quite disturbing damage.
Another common problem with new cars is brake problems. There is 3 percent of the total respondents who experienced this. This damage can be fatal if the driver is not sensitive to recognize the beginning of the damage.
Lastly is the issue of suspension. The suspension in question starts from springs, shock absorbers, and struts. Just like brakes, damage to this part can only be felt by the driver while driving. Car Breakdown Recovery London | 24 hour Roadside Assistance London
A British property development company has launched an investigation into reports that light reflected from a skyscraper had melted the side of a businessman’s Jaguar luxury car. Londoners themselves had to cover their eyes from the reflected light from the building’s mirrored glass at 20 Fenchurch Street – nicknamed the Walkie Talkie building because of its shape – and some motorists complained that some of the components in their vehicles had melted. Martin Lindsay, a businessman, said he was shocked when he found the panels of his Jaguar XJ had peeled off, while the rearview mirror mounts and the Jaguar badge in front had melted.
“On the windshield, there is a note from the construction company that says ‘your car is broken, can you call us?'” Lindsay said. The man admitted that he could not believe the damage he saw. Developer groups Land Securities and Canary Wharf Group have apologized and compensated for the damage, while the parking area sufficient for three cars near the building was vacated. Eddie Cannon, an engineer in the field of climate control, also admitted that some components in his van melted by the reflected light from the building.
“The van looks really messy — every piece of plastic on the left side and everything on the dashboard has melted, including the Lucozade bottle which looks like it’s been baked,” he said. The developer said Tuesday (3/9): “We take the issue of light reflection seriously from the 20 Fenchurch Street building, and prioritize this issue.” Physicists say the concave shape of the building has focused sunlight into concentrated light. The temperature near the building reached 45 degrees Celsius when measured Monday. According to the developer, this phenomenon occurs because the sun is at a higher position, and when the temperature drops in autumn, the problem will be solved.
“This kind of thing goes on for about two hours per day, and initial simulations suggest it will continue for the next two or three weeks,” the company said. The 37-story building itself is still under construction and is scheduled for completion in March 2014.
After the incident occurred. London will implement several regulations soon namely, London will enforce throughout the day as the first example of a total ban on polluting vehicles in the UK. To monitor this new regulation, a vehicle license plate capture camera will be operated.
Car Breakdown Recovery South London. These polluting vehicle restrictions are in place for up to 18 months before the final decision is introduced.