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Indian Bands that would Make you Fall in love in love with them

Almost every other girl loves One Direction. From being their teenage crush to still being an all-time favorite, we’ve been fangirling all over these guys. Not to forget how all of us equally loved the Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Blue, or Linkin Park. Not only did these bands and their respective members charm us all with their angelic and sensual voices but they also enthralled us with their handsome looks and smiles.

We have all been in love or at least heard about these western bands. But have you ever known about Indian bands? Bands, that are equally talented and also have quite the charm?

Here are five Indian boy bands that rocked the nation and ones that you might want to listen to.

  1. Sanam

Sanam Puri songs have been trending for months now and his band Sanam has also captured the hearts of many by presenting their renditions of old Bollywood classics. They also create their songs along with remakes. This band is known to all mostly. Their increasing YouTube popularity coupled with great musical content is to look out for.

  • A Band of Boys

Also popularly known as India’s first all-male band, it was an instant hit in the early 2000s. With some amazing songs that were peppy, the band also was known for its handsome as hell members. We bet ladies would still go gaga over them! Recommended songs to listen would be ‘Gori’ and ‘Meri Neend’ which will make you want to listen to them again and again.

  • Euphoria

You’ve got to be kidding if you have never heard of Euphoria. It is an Indian pop-rock band formed by Palash Sen. It garnered large popularity as a home-grown brand. Their songs are bound to create what their name suggests. All songs by Euphoria are equally good, entertaining and of course, nostalgic. One can simply not resist dancing on these.

  • VIVA

VIVA cannot be missed from the list of prominent Indian bands due to its significance. It was said to be the first all-female band that India had.  Although they have has now disbanded, you can still hear their songs available online.

  • Colonial Cousins

This band consists of the loved duo of Hariharan and Lesli Lewis. Its music is the perfect blend and example of how a Hindi song can fuse with the modern setting, thereby combining two different cultures. You might also know these two owing to their successful singing careers as individuals.

There are many more bands that represent a whole treasure of talent that our nation has. And the number of Indian bands is continually on the increase. You can look out for these bands but however, the above bands are the classic examples of how this industry has been shaped. These bands are an inspiration and true prodigies.