Cody Simpson swaps his music career for swimming and is set to compete at the Commonwealth Games

With a big crowd watching on and fans chanting his name, it transported him back to the thick of his music when he was regularly performing in front of thousands of people and making live TV appearances.

“I’ve had the experience of having to get up and do things in front of lots and lots of people that I cared about the outcome,” says Simpson. “I knew how to deal with it more than let it ruin me in that moment, I suppose.”

It’s now approaching three years since Simpson turned his focus away from his music and towards competitive swimming.

“I didn’t ease into it really, we weren’t cautious about trying to build up slowly,” Simpson tells CNN Sport. “My coach had me doing things that I definitely wasn’t ready to do at the times I was doing them, but I just loved that grind.

“It put me on a trajectory of rapid improvement because I just had to learn how to deal with it — whether that was

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Vault Unlocks A Future Path To Distribute Art & Music

Nigel Eccles and Rob Jones, co-founders of Vault previously put together a little project known as FanDuel, so he knows something about building disruptive technology. He left at the end of 2017 to build what became Vault, a mechanism to connect with fans and later to monetize them. Vault is built around music and art, using the old-world idea of a key protected locked safe and updating it into both online connectivity and crypto space.


The company was formed in 2018 and has raised $9 million in part because of Nigel and Rob’s prior success. They have a 50-person development team based in the UK, working to build the tools which power Vault. They chose the Solana
block chain because it is affordable, scalable and much less energy consuming than working on Ether

Ultimately, everything Web 3 has to do with community, and Vault has an interesting play. The current model of

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