Festival Music: 7 Facts about Coachella Music Concert

Festival Music: 7 Facts about Coachella Music Concert

Festival music- The Coachella music and arts festival is finally taking place after two years without holding the prestigious event. This is because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The festival is also filled with musicians from Indonesia, NIKI, and Rich Brian who are included in the line-up of Coachella 2022. In addition, there are musicians from America such as Kanye West, Harry Styles, and Billie Eilish. Here are the facts and privileges of the Coachella Festival:

It was held again after two years of hiatus

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no Coachella. It will be held this year 2022.

First held in 1999

The 2022 Coachella Music and Arts Festival began in October 1999. During its first performance, Coachella performed Beck and Rage Against the Machine.

Coachella is often held in places far from the city

One of the existence of Coachella is as a place for people to unwind from urban life. This festival is a festival for fun.

Never profit

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6 Portraits of Blackpink’s Lisa, BTS’s V, and Park Bo Gum in Paris watching Celine’s Fashion Show

6 Portraits of Blackpink's Lisa, BTS's V, and Park Bo Gum in Paris watching Celine's Fashion Show

The unique combination of South Korean superstars was seen in Paris recently: BTS’s V, Blackpink’s Lisa, and Park Bo Gum. In this French fashion mecca, the three attended the fashion show of the famous brand Celine, for the Spring/Summer 2023 men’s fashion collection which was held on Sunday (26/6/2022).

Interestingly, they took the time to take a photo of the three of them in front of international reporters during this grand event.

V looks handsome in a red jacket which he boldly combines with a necklace to make it stand out.

While the idol named Lalisa Manoban wore a sequined dress with a halter neck cut, and Park Bo Gum wore a black suit and necklace underneath.

Come By Private Jet

These three stars are known to fly to Paris on Friday, June 24, 2022. They are known to fly by private jets. From here, fans have started to get excited about the interactions between the three Korean stars.

Human Celine

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Indonesian Bands with the Most Expensive Paid

Indonesian Bands with the Most Expensive Paid

Indonesian bands- There are at least five Indonesian bands with the most expensive fees that can we must know. One of them even reaches a figure of up to Rp. 500 million per show or gig.

One of the incomes of Indonesian bands apart from album sales is the fee they make when they perform. The price for each band is of course different depending on several factors.

Some Indonesian bands have a fee that can reach hundreds of millions for just one performance. Usually, this band already has a big name that has been shining for a long time or we can call it a legendary band. Having a lot of fans also makes this Indonesian band get expensive. Because the more fans, the more viewers. This will benefit the event organizers. However, not all Indonesian bands that were famous in the past also have big fees today.

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