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Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test – Fake Sample, Examinee and Lab Testing Center Abuse

You are surely aware that medical examinations are already a part of a company’s pre-employment protocol. Employers are requiring this to increase the positivity rate of their workplace. In my opinion, this is a great way to attract customers and for the public to trust you more. Anyway, due to this sophisticated requirement, employees and potential job applicants have come up with the idea of cheating on their medical exams. Since these companies require drug testing or screening, people have learned about the use of synthetic urine. This is absolutely a misconduct and may lead to a serious problem.

But when you are determined to find and keep your job, you may have no choice, right? That’s why I cannot also blame those who would like to use this method just to pass this drug test. So, before buying one, you should at least try reading reviews from the clear choice sub solution to be updated. Bear in mind that not all of this fake urine solution are manufactured with high quality. You cannot only find one brand in the market because other manufacturers started producing it due to high demand. Therefore, you have to be meticulous in choosing one.

Actually, your worries may not end even after getting a good synthetic urine product. The experts, who had been administering the tests already knows that a lot of people are passing them a fake sample. For this reason, they have to be smart and find a more advanced technology to be used for metabolite detection. Not only that because cheating won’t work once they have to implement a stricter and better facilities to check a fake pee. Fine, we are all aware that this false human liquid waste do exists. Now, how was it abused and in what ways?

Synthetic Urine

Nowadays, people have learned to replace their real liquid waste with an artificial one. This solution was manufactured with alike components of a real human specimen. Chemists have included uric acid, nitrates and creatinine to name a few. And then, you will even have no doubt when it comes to the smell because it is also carries the same odor.

Actually, these products are very cheap that’s why who will not take the risk to buy one? But if you are going to think about the cost of this product, you may say that the sellers are just abusing your eagerness to use it for the test. You keep buying, so they also keep on producing and selling in the market. Sometimes, due to your excitement, you even fail to check on the quality of this solution.

It is true that there are countries that legalized the use of weed. It also follows that more companies there do not require medical exams. But it does not mean that you have to move there just to continue smoking. And then, you should not also wait for the time to legalize marijuana smoking in your country. Because if you do, then you will keep depending on the sending fake artificial specimen to pass your test. 

Medical Exam

The most affordable and convenient way to detect metabolites and toxic chemicals in the body is through urine drug testing or screening. When you go to the laboratories for your exam, an assistant will give you a container for your sample. Basically, they will send you alone to the comfort room. This is where the cheating begins. You will get your solution wherever you kept it and send it for screening. This only shows that you are abusing your right and your privacy.

Do you know that the people in-charged with the collection of the specimen will not dare to ask you, if that sample is fake or not? They are usually busy attending to the needs of the examinees. Sometimes, they won’t even mind when they see you coming in with your bag. While others are too strict and check what is inside it. Such environment is also tempting, that’s why the examinees grab that opportunity and abuse the relaxed stuff.

It could have been better, if laboratory testing centers have upgraded their facilities. It’s because it is not easy to spot the difference here. Anyway, the government is doing their job. Sooner or later, the laboratory centers will be more sophisticated. Once the screening has improved, the process will be sensitive. And then, any form of cheating and abuse will be eliminated. Anyway, check this related site for further reading about drug screening.

Fake Sample Detection

Laboratory attendants are very much aware about the abuse that these examinees are doing. I am sure that they would also like to catch these individuals by accompanying them to the washroom. But they cannot do this due to the long queue. And then, they also know that this is against the rights and privacy of an individual. Another thing, they do not have enough stuff in the laboratory. Now, who will attend to the patients, while they are in the washroom and collecting the pee, right?

Indeed, it is very challenging to find out what is fake and real. First, the laboratory attendants as well as the doctors in-charged has nothing to do when the facilities are old models. In my opinion, they have to request for an upgrade because this is very important in validating the test. With outdated facilities, you cannot assure the accuracy of the results. If this is the situation in the nearest laboratory, then you would surely have a long queue of examinees every day. Artificial samples are composed of mixed chemicals to resemble a real human specimen. Therefore, your old facilities can surely detect that it is a real pee. Since this is clean and not coming from a human being, who had been taking prohibited drugs or smoking weed – congratulate yourself. This exam did not lie, indeed, it was fooled. You will surely smile as you receive the result because you can continue your lifestyle and job.