Jazz Music That Can Improve Your Health

Jazz Music- The music itself has a direct effect on hormones which is why music fans can depend on music to make their day.

This is one of the most popular music genres. In Indonesia alone, there are several musicians such as Tompi, Andien, Kunto Aji to Ardhito Pramono.

If you are dealing with stress then that stress can be the root of many health problems. The relaxing effect of jazz music can have a healing effect. Here are the benefits:

Stress reliever

Listening to relaxing music, such as ballads, causes brain waves to adjust the tempo of the music. It has a relaxing effect and helps induce sleep. Studies have found that listening to soothing jazz music can improve sleep quality throughout the night.

Studies show that after listening to jazz for an hour every day for a week, music listeners experienced a 21% reduction in pain and non-listeners experienced a 2% increase in pain. You can listen to the album ‘Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

Boost Immunity

A 30-minute session of listening to jazz music increased levels of immunoglobin A (IgA), an antibody against bacteria, viruses, and infections. The effect on IgA levels continued for an additional 30 minutes after the music stopped playing.

Increase Focus and Increase Energy

Listening to upbeat jazz can help you focus and increase your heart rate.

Theta brainwaves (4-8 hertz): listening to some jazz music can produce theta waves (the most creative brain waves).
You can listen to songs like “Steppin” – by McCoy Tyner (142 BPM)

Help Improve Mood

Maybe there are some things that are bothering your mind so that it affects your mood so you don’t focus. You can put jazz music on your music player and enjoy the beats and tones that help improve your mood.

So, the next time you want to concentrate, focus, and think creatively in your day, you can play some music Jaz you like! Here If you are looking for information about business marathonmontpelliermetropole