Indonesian Bands with the Most Expensive Paid

Indonesian bands- There are at least five Indonesian bands with the most expensive fees that can we must know. One of them even reaches a figure of up to Rp. 500 million per show or gig.

One of the incomes of Indonesian bands apart from album sales is the fee they make when they perform. The price for each band is of course different depending on several factors.

Some Indonesian bands have a fee that can reach hundreds of millions for just one performance. Usually, this band already has a big name that has been shining for a long time or we can call it a legendary band. Having a lot of fans also makes this Indonesian band get expensive. Because the more fans, the more viewers. This will benefit the event organizers. However, not all Indonesian bands that were famous in the past also have big fees today.

There are only a few legendary bands that still shine today with songs that bring nostalgia. Here are the five highest-paid Indonesian bands as reported by several sources:

Sheila On 7

The band, which is still popular among young people because of its songs that tell not only love but also friendship, has had 9 albums.

Founded in 1996, this Indonesian band from Yogyakarta costs Rp. 370 million for a single performance.

Since the beginning of their work in the Indonesian music scene, Sheila On 7 has made many achievements, including being the only Indonesian band that is able to sell more than one million copies of physical albums.

Dewa 19

Although it is said to have disbanded in 2011 at the age of 25. But they still appear to do a reunion because the band is known for having more than one vocalist.

The names of famous singers such as Ari Lasso, Once Mekel, to Virzha also adorned Dewa 19’s appearance. The fee paid for each vocalist also varies. For the main fee, Dewa 19 band, that estimated from Rp. 300 million.

If you present a vocalist like Once or Ari, the fee can reach Rp. 450 million for one performance. but other than that, for example, Virzha, the fee will be cheaper.


Although the band had changed its name and personnel, the enthusiasm of the fans in welcoming the band from Bandung is still high.

Previously the name of this band is Peterpan, but have changed to Noah. Since 2000 this band has been established with this pop genre priced at around Rp. 400 million per performance.


The Indonesian band that has the most expensive fee and occupies the first position is Slank. A rock band that has a lot of fans is called slankers. The band from Jakarta, which was founded in 1983, has a fee of IDR 500 million per gig.

The band has achieved many achievements, one of which was immortalized by Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine as one of The Immortals: The 25 Greatest Indonesian Artists of All Time in 2008.


The last highest-paid Indonesian band on this list is a band from Jakarta, Ungu. The band had a hiatus when vocalist Sigit Purnomo Syamsudin Said took part in politics.

Even so, this did not dampen the band’s appearance to appear again. We can know, the Purple band can get Rp. 350 million in one show.