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Guides On How To Become a Successful DJ (Disc Jockey)

DJ is an abbreviation of Disc Jockey; it is a person(s) who hosts/plays recorded music for audiences. You can simply put; one who mixes different kinds of music that makes sense. Being a DJ is not as easy as just mixing music, it takes time, hard work, determination, consistency, and discipline. For you to be exceptional and stand out, you have to be empathic, reactive, and observant. Connections are really important in becoming a Disc Jockey (DJ), that is, connections to your promoters, yourself, your audience, and other DJs.

Becoming a DJ                                                      

What particular brand of DJ do you want to be?

First off, you need to know the type of DJ you want to specialize in. There are Club DJs (their job is to maintain the crowds’ feet moving on the dance floor by transitioning between songs. They perform mostly at bars, clubs, festivals, and music venues or shows), Mobile DJs (these ones perform mostly at corporate events such as weddings, burials, prom parties, etc. They are sometimes solely responsible for managing the crowd, setup, and teardown of instruments, and even speak into the microphone to ginger the crowd), Turntable Master or Turntablists (they are masters in it; they focus on scratching and cutting. Their gear sometimes sounds like musical instruments), and Radio DJ (these are the DJs we hear on the radio while playing pre-recorded hit music, the origin of DJ can be traced to radio DJs). To be able to stand out, it is best to have basic knowledge of all these disciplines and also specialize in any of them. Like the saying, no knowledge is a waste.

You must be a lover of music

A good DJ must love music, see music productions courses reviews and focus hard on his music collection so as to know the right music that fits the audience.

Getting Experience

US reviews that experience is the best teacher. You need experience in becoming a DJ. You can offer to intern for a local DJ or get employed in a DJ related company doing some flyering, setting up the stage, or collecting emails during the show. What will make you better, is getting lots of experiences working with other DJs and adding your own creativity.

Acquire DJ basic skills, Software, and Hardware

You also need to acquire DJ basic skills such as mixing, prep, equalizing, beatmatching, and phrasing. Rekordbox, Traktor, Serato are major DJ Software while some DJ hardware to get you started are Timecode and HID setups, CDJ setup, DJ controller setup, etc.

For some people, being a DJ is a hobby, for some, it is a career, while some, it is a side hustle or even some do it for fame. Many people want to become DJs but only a few become superstars and popular because it takes either luck or talent or even both. Whatever the reason it may be, you need to enjoy what you do. You must have confidence in yourself and your abilities and always trust that you can be better.