Get to the Moco Museum and other places in Amsterdam by bicycle

Amsterdam society prefers to use bicycles rather than any other means of transportation. In fact, there are an estimated 900,000 bicycles in circulation in Amsterdam. Just outside of Central Station you can find the fietsflat, a 3-storey cycle parking building which is well-known to hold up to 2,500 bikes. You can cycle to the popular Museumplein square where the Moco Museum is located. The attraction of this museum is its unique exhibits. With each piece of art they seek to activate social consciousness in the search for a better future. If you want to enjoy its spaces you can take advantage of the kortingscode Moco Museum (Dutch for discount!) that will allow you to purchase your ticket at a promotional price. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit this particular museum today.

The bicycle is the preferred means of transport in the city

Amsterdam is a city adapted to bicycles. You will have around 515km (320 miles) of dedicated cycle lanes to pedal and get to all those places you want to visit in this beautiful city. Don’t be surprised to see many bicycles on your way. It is known that a quarter of the population of The Netherlands prefers to use bicycles as a means of transportation. There are 22.8 million bicycles. That’s about 1.33 bicycles per person. It is estimated that at peak hours between 8am and 9am around 2 million bicycles travel the Dutch roads. Crazy, isn’t it? In fact, Amsterdam is ranked as the second most bicycle friendly city in the world. The first is Copenhagen. Don’t know how to ride a bike? It’s time to learn and enjoy!

Some recommendations when cycling

Watch out for suspicious people who might try to steal your bike. Whenever you park your bike, be sure to secure it with a good chain and a lock. It is possible that someone may offer to sell you a bike for as little as €10. Do not accept. Chances are high that it is a stolen bike and you run the risk of paying fines or going to jail. Don’t expect excellent riding lessons from the locals. On many occasions, they will not respect the red light or will try to go off the bike paths to take shortcuts. Don’t worry! This is part of the fun. Take your time to learn. Remember to pay attention to traffic lights and you’ll be fine. Definitely a fun experience for bike lovers.