Cool Hobbies for Tech Enthusiasts That Will Make You Smarter

If you’re a techie, a.k.a tech enthusiast, you’ll most likely already have your favorite tech hobbies – and you’ll be happy to know that there are tech hobbies that will make you smarter.

The world is continuously becoming technological, and we all need to become tech-savvyin today’s society. There are lots of benefits attracted to being able to take advantage of technology. Many IT literates have been exposed to many opportunities across the world. Remember that the marketplace is continuously shifting, and you will need to adapt.

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Here is a list of tech hobbies that will make you smarter:

  • Online Gaming and Game Programming

Online gaming is usually considered a hobby to kill time and relax, but did you know that online gaming can make you smarter? We are all aware of the negative stigma associated with digital gameplay – but what about the positives? How can video games be useful for you?

As video games continue to fill the market in modern culture, several pieces of research and experiments have been carried out by experts to examine the impact gaming has on people in several situations. However, many conclusions have suggested that gaming DOES make you smarter; it increases brain function, problem-solving skills, spatial reasoning, memory, attention span, strategic planning, and even social skills, among others.

If you have kids, online video games are useful tools for improving your child’s learning and teaching them critical life skills. With parents’ support and guidance, children can develop creativity, nurture relationships with friends, and even improve strategic thinking.

Since online gaming is a productive hobby, programming is quickly becoming another productive one. Our planet has become tech-oriented, so you can control technologies if you’re good at writing codes. If you’re a novice, it would be best to practice with a beginner’s game programming guide. It will help you familiarize yourself with the basics before proceeding to a more technical phase.

  • Fantasy Sports

If you are fond of soccer, you’ll most like be into a few fantasy leagues and sports. While this hobby might seem especially common to coaches and athletes, it is for everyone.

Fantasy sports are not about communication; it is about the information given to you, a list of players, and a budget. Your job is to build a strong lineup and stay within your budget.

Fantasy sports makes you mathematically sound; it gives you a full understanding of how to use math to tackle complex problems, an issue you will most likely solution for the rest of your life. Fantasy sports also improves your attention span as well as memory and decision-making skills.

If you play fantasy sports, you’ll become more prudent, and you’ll find yourself making smarter decisions every day.


There are so many reasons why being a little bit tech-savvy is good for you. As Forbes suggests, technology could be the answer, but only if you know how to use it.