10 of Buckethead’s Most Prized Guitars Have Been Stolen

Legendary guitarist Buckethead has been robbed of “ten of the most important guitars” of his life. The musician took to his official website to let fans know about the stolen guitars, sharing an email address ([email protected]) for receiving any information about the instruments.

Buckethead famously plays Gibson Les Paul Studio guitars, characterized by a satin white body, humbucking pickups and a pair of red “arcade” style kill switches. A number of the guitars feature black headstocks along with the classic white, while a number of Buckethead’s guitars feature a white kill switch near the top of the instrument’s body.

Buckethead Performs At Ace Of Spades

Tim Mosenfelder, Getty Images

Buckethead has not shared the serial numbers for any of his stolen guitars, but according to Buckethead fan source NatterNet, one guitar was allegedly sold at a swap meet in Phoenix, Arizona on June 5.

“Ten of the most important guitars of life were stolen,” Buckethead writes on his official website. “It’s a tremendous loss. I’ll never really be able to

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