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Can You Learn Violin at Any Age?

When it comes to learning, there’s no right or wrong age. If you want to pursue your passion, you can do it anytime as long as you’re ready. Just like in learning to play violin, you’re never too old or too young to develop such talent in music. After all, you have your whole life to enjoy whatever dream you want to follow in the future.

Ideal Age to Start Learning Music

People around the world start early in studying so that they can pursue the careers they want in the future. Same in music, you should start to learn the instrument you want in your younger years in order to become proficient early on.

However, you may focus first on your studies and learn music after school. Usually, it takes years until you can master a stringed instrument, especially violin. So don’t be in a rush and give yourself enough time to develop your skills to achieve professional status. In learning an instrument, choosing which kind is also important, one of the factors that you should also consider is the brand and if it’s trustworthy in making quality violins. There are many excellent violin brands available that you can choose from and one of them is Ming Jiang Zhu violins.

According to experts, it normally takes 8 years of training before you acquire self-learner status. This is where you develop your skills in playing violin without the help of a professional instructor. Learning and playing music doesn’t have an age limit so don’t be discouraged if you start late.

Tips in Learning Violin Regardless of Age

Learning music is a worthwhile pursuit no matter your age. Here are some helpful tips to keep you motivated while pursuing your dream to become a violinist:

  • Establish and attain your goals. Even if you’re older, you can learn violin with enough effort and determination. As long as you have a good teacher to help you learn the basics, you can succeed in your goals. So what do you really want to achieve and how will you get your goals?
  • Take formal lessons. Planning your strategy in learning violin is important. You first need to consider your unique requirements like training programs, budget, scheduling, and other needs. Choose the best teacher to provide you with formal music lessons you exactly need.
  • Prepare yourself and practice regularly. Before you decide to take violin lessons, make sure you are ready. The right mindset will make the process a lot easier. Also, you need to motivate yourself to practice on a regular basis so that you can hone your skills more.


Both young and old have equal opportunities when it comes to learning music. However, starting young is much easier because you have plenty of time to develop your skills as a student until you become a professional player.