Buying Art Online: How To Do It Right

In these modern times, you can shop for your favourite art pieces from the comfort of your home. You no longer have to walk a whole gallery to get those pieces that give colour to your home. Some people tend to shy away from this fast rising trend of buying art online. This is caused by a plethora of reasons. There are some key factors that you must first consider before you buy art online.

On you’d find the most reliable and durable online art galleries to buy your art. But this is not the only thing there is about buying online. The first thing you should scrutinise before buying any online art is: the genuineness of the gallery and the artist.

You’d find a large number of fake artists with fake works posing as true on different websites. If you are not careful enough, you could lose your money to them and that would be the end of it. To avoid cases like this, it is advised that you buy from popular and verified platforms.

Never be afraid of asking questions when purchasing art online. A lot of people ignore obvious signs when doing it. Asking questions will help you get value for your money as well as spot overpriced art pieces. Some of these online galleries are perfect at subtle coercions. Do not fall for them. If the displayed art does not appeal to your taste,  pass gracefully.  It is better than not getting value for your money.

It is quite surprising that a lot of people do not consider the design of their homes as well as the building plan when buying art. The size of your home and its design both have great roles to play in determining some art you buy. Some may not blend well with your house because of this. When buying art online, take the dimensions of your house into serious consideration.  This is one important thing you should discuss with the artist.

Finally, always request for a certificate of authenticity.  Due to the fact that you do not get to inspect the art in person, the problem of buying fake pieces is sometimes inevitable. Though this occurrence happens majorly with not very popular online galleries. Certificates of authenticity is all you need to tell if the art is real or not. You should also gather as much information as you can on the art piece before purchase. A certificate of authenticity isn’t all that you need. Get every information too! This helps you tremendously. When your art is delivered to you, you can do a proper inspection with the information you got earlier about it.


Buying art online is a very delicate process that anyone shouldn’t delve into without knowing these things. Shopping for art online is thrilling as much as it is risky.  Never take chances while doing it. Employ these steps and be very deliberate about getting what you want. Online art shopping is really fun when you know how to do it right.