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Be Prepared, Facial Tattoos Will Become A Prevalent Trend Among Tattoo Lovers

Previously facial tattoos were considered extreme. But now rapper soundcloud class until friends hang out do not hesitate to have facial tattoos. Here is the history of facial tattoos becoming a trend like now like fine line tattoos

Many young people today are more brave tattooing his face. Much of the inspiration for that trend, at least in America and Britain, comes from the behavior of a new generation of rappers, born from the SoundCloud music platform. They created a music subgenre known as SoundCloud Rap.

They are a group of young artists who diligently melt the typical melancholy screamo vocals with 808 kick-drums. His songs are often a combination of I Miss You by Blink 182, mixed with Kanye West’s New Slaves. The Soundcloud Rap kids were wearing long-sleeved checkered tops, their hair was dreadful pink candy. Another distinctive feature, most of them are scribbling on absurd phrases and pictures permanently on their own faces, much like Grade 9 students filling diaries. Face tattoos and rap soundcloud are like two sides of a coin. Inseparable that you can get information at the tattoo studio

Post Malone, one of the representatives of rap soundcloud who is now a superstar, put the tattoo of the words “Stay Away” above his eyebrows, as well as tattooing “Always”, “Tired” under each eye bag that looked swollen. Lil Xan — the rapper sadboi who once called Tupac’s music “boring” —the tone of her own song, Xanarchy, curved around her eyebrows. While “ZZZ” reminds us with a tattoo on his face that he is always tired that you can make in abstract tattoos

The late Lil Peep had a rather tragic facial tattoo. The tattoo is written as “get cake, die young” on the forehead. While Chucky Doll Tekashi ‘6×9’ tattooed “69” on his face with a composition similar to the Gucci brand monogram. Even mama’s boy named Justin Bieber, not a soundcloud rapper, has a small cross in his eyes.

Facial tattoos are becoming more common, as fans of the rap soundcloud subculture want to show loyalty to their idols. On Instagram, many teens dare to cover their faces with Tekashi or Lil Zan ink. Just search for hashtag #Facetattoo on Instagram. You will undoubtedly find thousands of 13-year-old children posing with mottled faces with lush willows and thick roman numerals according to the song or lyrics of their favorite rapper.

Facial tattoos, of course, existed long before the souncloud rap music streaming era. The Latin word for tattoo is “stigma” which means, “a distinctive mark is etched on the skin of a slave or criminal.” In the history of Ancient Greece and China, facial tattoos usually signified ownership. Only slaves were tattooed on the face during this period.