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Carpet Cleaning After a Home Renovation

carpet-cleaningWhen you decide to renovate your home, then items around your home will be exposed to a lot of dirt. The most affected item is the carpet. The carpet is mainly laid around the house for decoration. Renovating your house will expose it to dirt and staining. You might decide to clean it and keep it or you might decide to leave it exposed then clean it later. Whatever the case, here is a guide on how you can clean it. Before you begin remove the furniture.

Vacuum regularly

The carpet should be vacuumed regularly. However, close attention should be paid to parts that are most exposed to the effects of renovation. It is better to vacuum it at least twice week to remove dirt and sand that is stuck on the carpet or at least to minimize it. Every time you vacuum, repeat it three times to make sure that no dirt is left behind.

Get rid of the stains

Renovation exposes the carpet to a lot of staining by paint. These are very difficult to remove. You will need to mix some ingredients to help you remove these stubborn stains. You will need salt, borax and vinegar. Just mix a quarter of each then apply the resulting paste directly on the stain. Let it sit there for some hours till it has dried then vacuum it normally. If does not come off easily use a sharp object to try and chip it off.

Steam clean the carpet

Here you need an equal amount of water and vinegar. Mix them and pour the mixture into the steam cleaner. Proceed to add an essential oil to the mixture so that it can minimize the smell from the vinegar. Carpet cleaning Tulsa recommends that in this stage you should pay close attention to (or inform your carpet cleaning company to do so) the parts that are exposed to a lot of movement.

Freshen it to your liking

After all the other stages, you may decide to leave the carpet without any smell or you can decide to freshen it up a little bit. You will need your favourite essential oil at this point too. At this stage it will serve the same purpose as it did in the previous stage. This is because vinegar has a strong smell which might be hard to get rid of completely. You will also need borax. For homes that have pets, it will help in giving you a home free of fleas. You also need a cup of baking soda for the process. Mix all the ingredients and sprinkle it all over the carpet. Leave it for quarter an hour then vacuum the carpet normally. The best day to do all this is on a dry day so that the baking soda won’t absorb moisture from the air.

Finish up

Finally, after completing all the other stages, let the carpet dry completely. After it has dried, return furniture carefully. As you clean your carpet, take care not to use harsh chemicals because these are known to damage it severely. They can also alter the original colour of your carpet and leave it looking unpleasant.