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House Clearance After an Eviction

Your property is undoubtedly important to you, and seeing a tenant destroy your rental unit or leave it dirty for you to clean up can be a very stressful situation. House clearance after an eviction can be a sticky situation. Cleaning the unit and removing the leftover property can be a huge hassle. There may be biologically hazardous materials still present in your unit because the tenant was careless. These can include things such as mold, mildew, rotting food, and even fecal matter. There are steps, though, that you can follow for your house clearance after an eviction.

Why Did They Leave it So Bad?

Unfortunately, when a client is evicted, they often do not fully understand why the eviction is taking place and they are very unwilling to leave. They most likely feel that they are being mistreated and wrongly removed from the property. This can lead your (most likely very bad) tenants to become scornful and to damage your property even further. During the weeks leading up to the eviction, many tenants will purposefully graffiti the premises or dump their trash inside your rental unit. They may leave many unwanted or broken items behind, and as previously stated, some even go as far as leaving fecal matter around the property!

Dealing with bad tenants is not a very pleasing process, but thankfully they are now out of your home and you can focus on the house clearance (known as woningontruiming tips or woning ontruiming offerte in the Netherlands) after eviction.

What Are My House Clearance Options?

Yeah, it can get this bad. Being a landlord is far from just cashing checks, especially with tenants like these.

Yeah, it can get this bad. Being a landlord is far from just cashing checks, especially with tenants like these.

You surely want to leave your unit completely fresh and new for its future tenant. You would never want to slack off when it comes to clearing your house after the eviction. There may be a smoke smell to deal with, the walls may need to be painted, and some appliances may need repair. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will be able to accomplish all of the clearance work that is necessary alone. There are professional services that you can find to perform your house clearance after eviction takes place.

It may take some serious time and effort to get your property cleaned up, but in the end, it will be well worth it. Making sure that the walls are repainted and the carpets are professionally cleaned will ensure that you can convince a new tenant to move in quickly. If there is any smoke smell it is absolutely necessary that it is deodorized quickly after the eviction. If you take this clearance seriously, it will serve to be a very beneficial process. Especially if your rental properties are a large portion of your income, you will want to make sure that your houses are always in good repair and to (from now on, at least) try your hardest to avoid sketchy tenants so that your units can remain in good repair longer.

House clearance after eviction can be a very troublesome process, but if you keep your mind and heart calm and focus on the task at hand, it can be accomplished faster than you think. If you are thorough and repair the property with conviction, you can receive a new tenant quickly and efficiently!