How to Choose a Pool Installation for Your Home

How to Choose a Pool Installation for Your Home

In ground pools are steadily becoming an affordable option for many families. With advancements in technology, it is now relatively easy to build them. As such, it is important to make some considerations before deciding to build an in ground pool. Herein are several factors to consider when choosing the best in ground pool.


In Ground Pools can be customized to fit a style or location, making it a prime choice for luxury homes.

In Ground Pools can be customized to fit a style or location, making it a prime choice for luxury homes.

The size of your in ground is very important because the construction of the pool is a permanent decision. As such, it has to be gotten right. How big or small the in ground pool should be will depend on several factors.


A family with many members will definitely need a bigger in ground pool than a small family. A really big pool for a family with say three members is ideally a waste of valuable real estate. You should also consider if you expect the size of your family to change in the future. If there is a possibility of more children entering the picture then it is advisable to have a sizeable in ground pool.


You may want to organize pool gatherings of friends and family in your backyard. The in ground pool thus needs to be large enough to accommodate all your visitors. However, it should also leave room around it for the ones who may not be using the pool. In many poolside events, a larger number of people spend more time around the pool than inside it.

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What you intend to use the pool for will also determine its size. If you and your family are mostly competitive swimmers and need to do laps, a bigger in ground pool is recommended. If you are the kind of persons who likes to take simple dips then a smaller pool would be ideal.


There are three common types of in ground pools; concrete, fiberglass and vinyl pools. The type you choose depends on your installation budget, customizing preference and maintenance budget.


Concrete pools are the most popular and most expensive in ground pools. Their main advantage is that they can be custom shaped as you desire. They are also very durable often lasting for decades. The drawbacks of concrete pools are that they result in high maintenance and installation costs, they take time to be complete and they have a rough interior surface.


Fiberglass in ground pools consist of a strong single piece molded shell. Its main advantage is its smooth non porous surface which requires little maintenance.

They are also easy to install usually taking a few days and are durable. Moreover, they are aesthetically pleasing and are compatible with salt chlorinators. The problem with fiberglass pools is that they are not customizable and are relatively pricey.


Vinyl in ground pools are the cheapest option and can be afforded by many families. It is also possible to customize their shape, size and depth. The main disadvantage of vinyl pools is that they are difficult to maintain. The vinyl liners have to be replaced every few years.

To get the best in ground pool, it is also important to choose the best contractors. Ideally, the contractor should be licensed, experienced, and professional and should provide post installation services.




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