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Replacement VS New Construction Windows

People are always torn between getting a replacement or new construction windows. It is good to first understand the meaning of the term.  A new construction window is designed for installation before the brick or siding is installed on the exterior of a home. Replacement windows are designed to be installed after the brick or siding has already been fixed.

We called on expert David Price who has put together details on some of the arguments that people hold about replacement and new construction windows.

New construction windows are cheap flimsy builder grade products


The question of new windows vs construction windows is often faced by new homeowners. Here are some tips in making the decision.

This is usually true but now always. Manufacturers make windows with more focus on a builder who will buy thousands of pieces than someone who need just a few to install in a home.  Manufacturers, therefore, meet the need of builders which is cheap and fast made windows.

Builders know that home buyers look at the beauty of the house but rarely the windows, therefore, do not spend more money than necessary on them. It is different when you are buying a replacement window as this will be your only center of attention.  Manufacturers of replacement and new construction windows know the needs of respective buyers, therefore, prioritize cost and quality based on that. It is, therefore, hard to get high-quality new construction windows.


New Construction windows can give more light

Again this can be true but now all the time. You need to know the way windows will fit before making a determination. Most times, replacement windows will be installed inside an existing wood window frame. This is referred to as a pocket installation as the replacement window goes into a pocket of the old frame. There is nothing wrong about it considering that new vinyl windows are designed for pocket installation.

Can you get more area for glass frame after removing existing wood frame?  If you remove a wood frame, you need to install a new one.  It can come with windows or an installer can build it at the site although it is still part of the installation.

The thickness of new wood frame compared to the old one depends on your home and your installer. The difference, however, is not that big. It is usually used as a mere sales tactic because it does not make a noticeable difference.

New construction windows will form better seal than the replacement windows

This is an idea by people familiar with new construction windows. It is easy to notice the quality of sealing on a new construction window during installation.  Its nail flange will be fastened to the sheathing. There is also a moisture barrier and flashing tape that is applied in a manner around the window. When it is done properly, it appears solid and it is easy for anyone to notice.

It is harder to see that is replacement window as you rely on a seal of the existing frame located behind the siding.  Millions of replacement windows are installed every year without the problem of epidemic leaks. It is, therefore, safe to occlude there will be no   greater risk of a leak from replacement windows  compared to new construction windows if they are installed properly.

Which window is better?

There is no straight answer. The best thing is to find a local expert to inspect your home and give suggestions before you contact a window company.

House Clearance After an Eviction

Your property is undoubtedly important to you, and seeing a tenant destroy your rental unit or leave it dirty for you to clean up can be a very stressful situation. House clearance after an eviction can be a sticky situation. Cleaning the unit and removing the leftover property can be a huge hassle. There may be biologically hazardous materials still present in your unit because the tenant was careless. These can include things such as mold, mildew, rotting food, and even fecal matter. There are steps, though, that you can follow for your house clearance after an eviction.

Why Did They Leave it So Bad?

Unfortunately, when a client is evicted, they often do not fully understand why the eviction is taking place and they are very unwilling to leave. They most likely feel that they are being mistreated and wrongly removed from the property. This can lead your (most likely very bad) tenants to become scornful and to damage your property even further. During the weeks leading up to the eviction, many tenants will purposefully graffiti the premises or dump their trash inside your rental unit. They may leave many unwanted or broken items behind, and as previously stated, some even go as far as leaving fecal matter around the property!

Dealing with bad tenants is not a very pleasing process, but thankfully they are now out of your home and you can focus on the house clearance (known as woningontruiming tips or woning ontruiming offerte in the Netherlands) after eviction.

What Are My House Clearance Options?

Yeah, it can get this bad. Being a landlord is far from just cashing checks, especially with tenants like these.

Yeah, it can get this bad. Being a landlord is far from just cashing checks, especially with tenants like these.

You surely want to leave your unit completely fresh and new for its future tenant. You would never want to slack off when it comes to clearing your house after the eviction. There may be a smoke smell to deal with, the walls may need to be painted, and some appliances may need repair. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will be able to accomplish all of the clearance work that is necessary alone. There are professional services that you can find to perform your house clearance after eviction takes place.

It may take some serious time and effort to get your property cleaned up, but in the end, it will be well worth it. Making sure that the walls are repainted and the carpets are professionally cleaned will ensure that you can convince a new tenant to move in quickly. If there is any smoke smell it is absolutely necessary that it is deodorized quickly after the eviction. If you take this clearance seriously, it will serve to be a very beneficial process. Especially if your rental properties are a large portion of your income, you will want to make sure that your houses are always in good repair and to (from now on, at least) try your hardest to avoid sketchy tenants so that your units can remain in good repair longer.

House clearance after eviction can be a very troublesome process, but if you keep your mind and heart calm and focus on the task at hand, it can be accomplished faster than you think. If you are thorough and repair the property with conviction, you can receive a new tenant quickly and efficiently!



Why Moving and Renovations Go Hand In Hand


Home Renovations usually come in combination with a new house move.

There is no getting away from the fact that moving and renovations are always a common combination. You want to carry out a complete overhaul of the place before you move into the new house. Whether it’s an entire upgrade or just a few changes here and there, you want the space to look slightly different from its current look before you settle in for a long stay.

Why Do Moving and Renovations Tend To Be a Common Combination?

People often carry out renovations before they move into a new house due to the following reasons:

To Improve their Home’s Performance

We all know that homes require routine maintenance as well as repair to stay in top condition. A house that has seen many decades without undergoing any repair is prone to roof leaks and a whole lot of plumbing problems. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners prefer not to renovate their properties if they intend to sell them. For this reason, renovation is almost inevitable when you are planning to move into a new house. Simple things like repairing the roof to stop a leak or repairing siding to eliminate drafts can significantly improve your home’s performance.

To Make their Homes More Beautiful than they Found Them

Most home buyers will modernize their new homes so the house can look more beautiful, comfortable and functional. Simple things like painting rooms, installing new light fixtures, and replacing cabinets can make a whole difference.

To Update their Newly Acquired Homes To Energy-efficient and State-of-the-art Properties

Energy-efficient homes not only save you from paying hectic energy bills, but they also help conserve the environment. Most homes that are up for sale these days are Victorian. Unfortunately, many of these older homes are not energy-efficient. Another reason most home buyers tend to upgrade their new acquisitions before they move in is to implement energy efficient strategies so that they will be able to save on energy costs once they settle in.

Also, historic home often come with older technology as well as building materials. A historic home is usually filled with traditional wiring, plumbing, heating, roofing, ventilation as well as insulation methods. This means plenty of expensive repairs!

Most home buyers know pretty well that upgrading such homes with energy efficient remodel strategies plus modern building technologies before moving in is the key to averting costly repairs and expensive energy bills.

To Save Time and Avert a High Cost of a Future Remodel

If you have just purchased a home, doing renovations before you actually move in can save you plenty of hassle. Home remodel projects are easier and quicker to accomplish when there is not a lot of stuff to maneuver around. You are likely to spend less when you carry out renovation before occupation than after occupation.

Making smart improvements to your new property before you settle in not only adds comfort, use and value to the property. It also allows you to customize the home according to your requirements without a hassle. For this reason, moving and renovations will remain to be a common combination. If you are planning to occupy a new house that you have just bought, make sure to include renovations in your plans.